Legacy Effect™


"When I put my name on something it is good. I don't usually recommend people who are in my industry, but Omarian is very compassionate and never says no. When you need his help he is totally dedicated and passionate about his work. Trust me it works. I was a little skeptical, but it helped me a lot.  Omarian knows what he is doing, and I was in the U.K. and Omarian was in the U.S.A at the time. My sister has met him in Los Angeles, and she tells me that there is something special about this man." Love and light, light, light.


                                                                                        ~J. Lane UK

"Align your health with your path and discover your destiny."

~Omarian Atman

No distance is too great

Emagine getting passed health concerns, financial and relationship blocks gracefully and helping your friends and family do the same through the power within you. Omarian Atman, the founder of the Legacy Effect,™ brings a proven method that bridges the distance gap between health goals, life goals, and physical distance. Resulting in the real-time clearing, strengthening, realigning, grounding and energizing of your energy field and bodies health at its own pace, equal to its rate of your own synthesizing, and energy-absorption proportions.


Choosing the right Legacy Effect Transmission for you.


For beginners

1. The Emergence Legacy effect long-distance sessions are designed to establish a re-connection to one's own core Light emissions within every cell. Connecting one to greater light both within and beyond the visible light spectrum. Providing a higher level of sensory bandwidth speed of consciousness within the body and awareness and life around one's immediate and long-term experiences.


Includes one four hour session.

From: 1,000




"Hi and hello from Washington DC. I wanted to make sure that my results with my health lasted, so I waited for two months before writing this. On my journey to health, I finally found the right noninvasive modality for my health needs - the Legacy Effect. This was an approach unknown to me until that fateful day I was referred to Omarian Atman. His transmissions over the phone we're able to help my body like lightning from things that I have been struggling with for years. In one Legacy Transmission, 90% of my health problems vanished; the remaining 10% are simple lifestyle changes that will enhance my full recovery. The Legacy Transmission was the most precise and powerful energy session I have ever experienced in my life! It removed the cause of my health problems, repaired and healed deep chronic health issues resulting in me feeling more energy without coffee during the day, more focused thoughts, more focus to details, and my level of happiness is through the roof now. I strongly recommend and endorse Omarian Atman's Legacy Effect Transmissions for all generations.  My recommendation is - Give it a try, and your health will be transformed for the better."

--Samantha D.

Washington D.C.

How to Prepare 

Now that you have purchased your Legacy Effect™ transmission here are a few steps help you receive and get the most out of your Legacy Effect™ session with Omarian Atman, you will need to email or send a link with a clear photo of you and or area of a health focus. Get connected and begin your health Legacy with Omarian Atman today. Tips: Remember that you can be in a quiet, comfortable place or you can be out and about if you like. To get the most out of your Legacy Effect™ session here are a few easy, efficient and very cool tips to use.


1. Provide the most recent, clear photo of you (without sunglasses) and or area of stress. You can include a list of the things that you are aware of that cause these stresses. For example Pain areas, sleep disturbances, environments, old physical and emotional wounds or injuries.


2. Give at least 60 minutes after meals before your Legacy Effect Session. This will keep blood flow in your head arms and legs more rather than your stomach used to digest the foods you have eaten. Keeping more even blood flow in your whole system during sessions creates and even transfer of Light in your body.


3. Give at least 60 minutes after showers or baths before your Legacy Effect Session. Water will make your body EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) hug and tuck just on or under the skins surface thereby widening the gap between your ability to take in light during sessions.


4. create a quiet, comfortable place for your self, where you will be undisturbed for the duration of the session time.


5. Wear comfortable clothes. Colors or white are recommended. 6. Turn off any television screens and wifi routers in the home.


7. Remove any electrical devices from your body such as wristwatches, pagers, blue tooth's and or cell phones an place them at least 15 feet away from your body after you have turned off the single for almost all of these devices. Gold, Silver, and Crystals are ok to leave your body during sessions unless otherwise advised.


8. Look in the mirror and think about your most happy memory and when you feel a smile taking over your face, say "thank you" and say to your self; "I absolutely love who I am, and I give my self-full and absolute permission to be and have all good things in life, in all areas of my life. I am Love. I am Wisdom. I am Power. I am Light."


9. Finally, lay or sit down where you can be warm and take a deep breath. Note: Do not worry if you are not entirely ready at the exact starting time of the session for all will meet you when you are ready.




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